Vintage Cameras

I have several vintage cameras, dating from about 1915 to the early 1970's. A few of them are not in working condition, so I use them for display only, but some are in good shape, and I currently use six of my vintage cameras:

- Yashica-D TLR (late 60's/early 70's, 120 film)
- Yashica 44 TLR (1950's, 127 film)
- Zeiss Ikon Ikomat 515 (1930's, 120 film)
- Zeiss Ikon Nettar 517 (1950's, 120 film)
- Zeiss Ikon with leaf shutter (1950's, 35mm film)
- Kodak Baby Brownie (1930's, 127 film)

In addition to the cameras listed above, I have a 1940's Kodak "Tourist" fold-out camera. I haven't used my Tourist camera yet because it takes 620 film, which is available only online. I will either order the film on the internet, or try respooling 120 film onto 620 spools.

Shooting on film with vintage cameras is so cool, I have a lot of fun with my old cameras! If you are getting bored and jaded with your too-easy, no-challenge digital camera, give a vintage camera a whirl.

Photos Taken With My Vintage Cameras

Click here to see photos taken with my vintage cameras, as well as photos of the actual cameras.

You will also find links to websites with information about the vintage cameras I use.

Buying and Using Vintage Cameras

Click here for information about taking photos with vintage cameras, including the kinds of film that old cameras take and where to find that film.

I also have tips on what to look for when buying old cameras.

Leaf Shutters

What is a "leaf shutter" camera? Basically there are two types of shutters, "leaf shutter" and "focal plane" shutters. A leaf shutter is located in the lens, and consists of a series of overlapping metal blades; as the blades move they admit light into the camera. Focal plane shutters are comprised of two small fabric "curtains" that travel through the body of the camera directly in front of the film. Click for an animation of a leaf shutter in action, and for a focal plane shutter animation.

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