Along the drive up to Glacier Point, which affords spectacular views of the Yosemite Valley floor and Half Dome, visitors can stop and take the hike out to Sentinel Dome. The dome is a large granite rock that, as it's name suggests, is almost perfectly dome-shaped.

Mom and Dad at Glacier Point

My folks, Darrell and Joanne Hansen, pose for the camera at the Glacier Point viewing area; behind them, runoff from the spring snowmelt thunders over Yosemite Falls to the valley floor.

Yosemite Falls From Sentinel Dome

Sentinel Dome is the only spot in Yosemite National Park from which hikers can get a view of the entire length of Yosemite Falls. The trailhead for the trail to Sentinel Dome is on the road up to Glacier Point.

Hiking Sentinel Dome

I took this photo of Mom as she began tackling the last (and steepest) part of the hike up to the top of Sentinel Dome. The small figure at the top of the dome is Dad, who made the climb ahead of us.

At the Top of Sentinel Dome

Intrepid hikers who brave the climb up Sentinal Dome are rewarded with spectacular 360 degree views of the park. Mom and Dad take a breather after the arduous climb; Half Dome looms behind them. Sentinel Dome is 8,122 feet in elevation, the second highest point in Yosemite after Half Dome, the highest at 8, 836 feet.

Jeffrey Pine on Sentinel Dome

Mom sits on the old Jeffrey pine tree on Sentinal Dome. The tree was approximately 400 years old when it died in the drought of 1977, but it remained standing until felled by a storm in 2003.

Overhanging Rock at Glacier Point

Dad shoots video of Yosemite Falls from Glacier Point. At left is Overhanging Rock, famous as the site where daring (some would say foolhardy) adventurers took photos in the early 1900's of people and on one occasion, a car out on the rock.

The Yosemite Valley Floor From Glacier Point

The Glacier Point viewing area offers dizzying views of the Yosemite Valley floor, 3,000 feet below. Framed between two granite boulders perched on the precipice is Stoneman Meadow and the camping facillity of Curry Village. The safety railing that runs along the perimeter of the viewing area is visible along the bottom of the photo.

Perched on a Cliff

A young visitor to Glacier Point has ignored the posted signs and climbed over the guard rails, risking life and limb to sit at the top of a sheer cliff that drops 3,000 feet to the valley floor. (Look closely; he is wearing a white shirt.)


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