These photos were taken in the fall of 2008, fall 2009, and winter & spring 2010. The locations include San Francisco, the old mining town of Volcano, and the town of Placerville (Volcano and Placerville are in the Sierra Nevada foothills - "gold rush" country.

Cameras used for these photos:

The cameras used for these photos were my late 1960's/early 70's Yashica-D twin lens reflex camera, and my late-1950's Zeiss Ikon SLR with a Contaflex leaf shutter. The Yashica-D takes 120 film, and the Zeiss Ikon is a 35 mm camera.

American River in Fog

This photo was taken in December 2009, from the levee along CSU, Sacramento, just north of the pedestrian footbridge known as the West Bridge. (Zeiss Ikon)

West Bridge in Fog

The pedestrian footbridge at CSU, Sacramento is named for the first president of the University, Guy West. December 2009. (Zeiss Ikon)

Japanese Tea Garden and Cable Car

The Japanese Tea Garden located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is a favorite destination, for both tourists and locals alike. My family visited the area in the fall of 2008. (Zeiss Ikon)

After visiting the Tea Garden, we decided to go on one of San Francisco's famous cable cars - a fun ride! Left to right are (Mom) Joanne, (sister) Gail, (sister-in-law) Lindsey, (brother) Jerry, and (Dad) Darrell. (Zeiss Ikon)


Rusty Old Pipe

Lots of interesting old things can be found in the mining towns of the California foothills, such as this old pipe found at a mine shaft near Placerville. Winter 2010. (Zeiss Ikon)

Chairs and Shadows

Winter Trees & Clouds

These two photos were taken in the winter of 2010 at my parent's property in Placerville, which is one of the oldest mining towns of the gold rush era. (Zeiss Ikon)

Old Building in Volcano

The old mining town of Volcano is located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, southwest of Sacramento, near the town of Jackson. Spring 2010. (Yashica-D)

Volcano Park

Downtown Volcano

The Volcano Park and Volcano Theater are located in "downtown" Volcano, a two-block section that includes the post office, a store, a restaurant/bar, and the famously haunted St. George Hotel. Spring 2010. (Yashica-D)

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