A Few of My Favorite Things...

The links below are a mish-mash of some of my favorite links, in no particular order.

Lost film in old cameras. This photographer buys old cameras with exposed film still in them, processes the film and posts the photos.

Junk Store Cameras! This photographer buys old cameras (cheap - she has a strict limit on what she pays) and runs a roll of film through just to see what she'll get. Along with information about each funky old camera, sample photos are posted, accompanied in some cases by hilarious commentary.

Camera and photography history. This is the website of the International Photographic Historical Organization.

Classic cameras. This photographer has an extensive collection of vintage cameras, plus information about the cameras and photos taken with them.

The Bruce Steinberg Photo Gallery. My dear friend Bruce Steinberg passed away on December 30, 2007, just a few months after he launched his cool website with photos he took of musicians, primarily musicians and bands from the Bay Area. Check out this amazing panoramic photo that Bruce took of San Francisco in 1971, from atop one of the support towers of the Bay Bridge.

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