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Photographs taken with large and medium format cameras

While working on my B.A. in photograpy at CSU, Sacramento I took a large format photography class, in which I used 4 x 5 cameras. These cameras are so-named because the negatives are flat "sheet" film, 4 x 5 inches. Click here for a photo of a 4 x 5 camera.

Large Format Photos

Sacramento State Arboretum

Sacramento State Arboretum

The Sacramento State Arboretum is located on the north edge of campus, alongside the J Street entrance, and features plants from around the world.

Cement Ship at Aptos, CA

Concrete boatd at Aptos, CA

The cement ship at Seacliff State Beach, Aptos, CA, has a colorful history. It was originally commissioned by the Navy for use during World War I, but the war ended before the ship could be used. A group of private investors bought the boat and had it deliberately run aground at Aptos, with the idea of turning it into a nightclub. From 1929 through the early 1930's, the boat was a popular attraction, featuring bands and dances on weekends, plus arcades and a casino. When the economic depression deepened the ship/nightclub failed, and the owners simply abandonded it, leaving the concrete hulk to the elements. Up until about 2002 visitors could walk out onto the wreck, but a severe winter storm damaged the boat to the point that it was deemed too dangerous, and park rangers padlocked the gate. For more information visit the cement ship webpage. (The deck of the ship is in considerably worse shape now than it was when the photo on this webpage was taken).

Locke, CA

An old building in the delta town of Locke, CA

The town of Locke, in the delta southwest of Sacramento, was founded in 1915 by Chinese people whose neighborhood in Walnut Grove had been damaged by fire. At one point Locke had 600 residents; the population is now less than 100.

East Lawn Cemetery, Sacramento

Mausoleum at East Lawn Cemetary

The East Lawn Memorial Park is located at 43rd Street and Folsom Blvd., in the area known as "East Sacramento".

Medium Format Photos - the Holga camera

Cameras that take 120 film fall into the "medium format" category. I have one newer medium format camera, a Holga. Some of you are laughing... but seriously, folks, I think Holgas do have a place in the world of photography, if for no other reason than the "fun" factor. The Holga is an inexpensive (VERY inexpensive, about $30) all plastic camera made in China - even the lens is plastic. The Holga also falls into another camera category, the "toy" camera group, sometimes referred to as "junk" cameras (depending on your perspective).

For more on the Holga:

This photographer has some nice Holga images:

My Holga Photos

Old Buick

Dad's old Buick,taken with the Holga

My father bought this old Buick many years ago, with the intention of fixing it up....

Graveyard in Folsom

Catholic church cemetery, Folsom, CA

This photo was taken in the graveyard of the old Gold Rush era Catholic church in Folsom.

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