Welcome to my website! I have posted examples of my photography, graphic design, and artwork.

My resume is posted as well.

What's New

July 2011

I have posted photos I took at 19th century cemeteries in "gold rush" towns of the California foothills. The images are posted on two webpages: Gold Rush Cemeteries and Gold Rush Cemeteries-2.

June 2010

Visit my webpage featuring more black and white photos taken with two of my vintage cameras (Yashica-D TLR, and Zeiss Ikon SLR).

Contact me at georgina@cosebellitas.com

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Last updated July 19, 2011.

My Photos

Click here to see my photos. The collection include images taken with 35 mm, medium, and large format film cameras. There are a few digital pictures as well.

This page also includes links to images that have been manipulated with "artistic effects filters" in Photoshop.

(The Joy of) Vintage Cameras

I love taking photos with vintage cameras! Visit my "vintage cameras" webpage to see photographs I have taken with my vintage cameras, and pictures of the actual cameras.

I have also posted information on buying and using vintage cameras.

Art Samples

Scanned samples of my artwork, including pen and ink, charcoal, oil pastel and chalk pastel drawings, and a watercolor painting.

Graphic Design Samples

I have uploaded examples of my graphic design work. Included are ads (magazine and web), a postcard, poster, brochure, event collateral, science illustrations, and more.

Featured Photo

19th century headstone in a gold-rush town "pioneer" cemetery.

19th century headstone

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Autism Information

I have a nephew who is severely autistic, and I became intrigued when I began to hear about the possibility that a gluten-free, casein-free diet may help some autistic kids.

Click here for my autism information webpages, with gluten-free diet information, lists of resources for parents with autistic kids, and links to helpful autism sites.